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"We are passionate professionals.

Leaders, dreamers, mechanics and engineers.

We are business owners and account managers. 

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What we do?

The automotive sector remains one of the most male-dominated industries.

From car collectors to mechanics, engineers to salesmen, designers to racers, a female face is still a rarity. 

Yet within the sector, there are some genuinely gifted females with all of the knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm of their peers, who are struggling to have a voice and be taken seriously. 


The Driven Collective has been formed to put those females firmly above the parapet. We aim to showcase female talent in the sector and also to provide support and opportunities to those who are overwhelmed and overlooked. 


We are a group from all walks of the motoring world: Engineers, Mechanics, Sales, Logistics, Photography, Brand owners, Racing Drivers, Journalists, Collectors, PR & Marketing and Directors, who will commit to leading by example and support females along the way. 


Our vision is that women be taken seriously in the sector and are recognised for the significant contribution they can make. 


Our approach is to be inclusive and whilst focused on females as the unrepresented gender in the sector, it will not be to the exclusion of anyone who wants to be supported. 


The support will be extended to anyone who needs advice on accessing things like training courses, jobs and events within the automotive industry.


Please join us on our journey


What we offer?

  • We are open to collaborations.

  • We aspire to host events including rallies and networking evenings to allow women to come together in a safe space.

  • We are a skills sharing network. 

  • We attend events and partner with brands and small businesses to give them the opportunity to showcase their products under the Driven Collective umbrella at competitive rates.

  • We support Apprenticeship programs.

  • We advertise jobs based within the automotive industry on behalf of our partners and small businesses.




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